We, at Veggie Fest Chicago, are dedicated to providing you with some of best vegan and vegetarian recipes from cuisines all over the world. Enjoy our ever-growing collection of recipes from renowned chefs who just love food! Join us on this tasty and fun-filled culinary journey!

Barbecued Tofu Strips RecipeBarbecued Tofu StripsBy Veggie Fest TeamThe sweet and pungent sauce bakes deeply into the tofu strip, creating a delectable appetizer.
Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich RecipeVegetarian Reuben SandwichBy Veggie Fest TeamTo a great extent, the success of this classic sandwich depends upon the meat-substitute you decide to use. A couple of brand items that are popular in the United States are included here, but they are only two of many.
Burritos RecipeBurritosBy Veggie Fest TeamSoft flour tortillas are wrapped around a savory filling.
Pakoras RecipePakorasBy Veggie Fest TeamGolden brown and crispy, deep-fried vegetable pakoras are a favorite Indian snack.
Hand Rolled Sushi RecipeHand Rolled SushiBy Veggie Fest TeamThis traditional Japanese dish is an impressive way to start a party. When ready to serve, just set up your sushi bar with an attractive array of ingredients and let your guests do the rest.
Scrambled Tofu recipeScrambled TofuBy Veggie Fest TeamA fast and reliable standby that makes an appealing high-protein meal! Scrambled tofu lends itself to many variations and is delicious when served in pita bread or on toast.
Oatmeal Pancakes RecipeOatmeal PancakesBy Veggie Fest TeamA delicate pancake, lightly seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla.
quinoa tabouli recipeQuinoa TabouliBy Veggie Fest TeamFresh mint and lemon juice give just the right touch to this light yet filling salad.
Spicy Chili RecipeSpicy ChiliBy Veggie Fest TeamA hearty pot of chili, quick and easy to prepare, is perfect for feeding a large group. Crunchy corn chips and a bowl of guacamole are perfect complements. 
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