We, at Veggie Fest Chicago, are dedicated to providing you with some of the best vegan and vegetarian recipes from cuisines all over the world. Enjoy our growing collection of recipes from renowned chefs who just love food!

Bulgur PilafBy Veggie Fest TeamPilaf doesn’t always mean rice. Try this bulgur recipe for a tempting alternative!
Chana MasalaBy Veggie Fest TeamTo highlight a special dinner, serve this easy rendition of Indian-style chickpeas with rice and plain nondairy yogurt.
Flavorful Steamed VeggiesBy Veggie Fest TeamGaetan Charest prepared Flavorful Steamed Veggies at our October 13th, 2018 Fall Harvest cooking class, held at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois.
Kashmiri-Style CauliflowerBy Veggie Fest TeamOur recipe is a regal presentation often served at Indian weddings with rice pilaf and naan (Indian bread).
Orange-Maple Candied YamsBy Veggie Fest TeamThe flavors of maple and orange make these yams a delicious and festive addition to any meal.
PakorasBy Veggie Fest TeamGolden brown and crispy, deep-fried vegetable pakoras are a favorite Indian snack.
Polenta Cakes with SyrupBy Veggie Fest TeamLakshmi Kapoor Willis whipped up this creamy Polenta cake side dish on March 9, 2019 during her New Orleans Southern Cuisine cooking class held at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois.
Quinoa Tabouli SaladBy Veggie Fest TeamFresh mint and lemon juice give just the right touch to this light yet filling salad.
RatatouilleBy Veggie Fest TeamRatatouille can be served hot or cold. Try it as an entrée with rice, as a filling for crêpes, or as a topping spooned over split baked potatoes.
Saag Paneer (Veganized)By Veggie Fest TeamSaag Paneer is a delicious curried, creamed Indian entrée that contains spinach, cream, and fresh cheese cubes called paneer. This vegan version uses a variety of greens, tofu instead of paneer, and cashews instead of cream. It is very low in fat and sodium.
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