We, at Veggie Fest Chicago, are dedicated to providing you with some of the best vegan and vegetarian recipes from cuisines all over the world. Enjoy our growing collection of recipes from renowned chefs who just love food!

BBQ JackfruitBy Veggie Fest TeamFrom India to North America, jackfruit lends itself to countless variations. Here, vegan chef Acooba Scott offers a satisfying filling for a meal. Go as spicy or smoky as you like! Presented by Acooba Scott at Veggie Fest 2016.
Black Bean Veggie BurgerBy Veggie Fest TeamThis delicious, protein-filled Veggie Burger couples great taste with the perfect amount of spice. Guaranteed to please your whole family!
Black-Eyed PeasBy Veggie Fest TeamTarina Dhanani created this flavorful recipe that you can enjoy year-round. Black-eyed peas are considered good luck in the southern United States when eaten at New Year’s. Certainly, this dish will bring you luck when shared with friends and family.
Eggless Potato OmeletBy Veggie Fest TeamOmelets can be enjoyed for any meal, but these golden shredded potatoes, seasoned with sweet onion and loaded with fillings of your choice, are an enticing way to start the day. This recipe comes from one of our favorite chefs, Acooba Scott, who has presented at Veggie Fest.
EmpanadasBy Veggie Fest TeamVioleta Patino prepared these authentic Empanadas at our April 20th, 2019 cooking demo, held at the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois. A specialty from Guanajuato, Mexico but originating in Spain, these savory pies are a flaky, vegan treat.
Enchilada PieBy Veggie Fest TeamYou can build a Mexican meal around this satisfying entrée by serving it with guacamole and crisp corn chips.
Fettucine AlfredoBy Veggie Fest TeamSue Rose from the Veggie Fest team has created a creamy, vegan Alfredo sauce that will wow your guests, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.”
Garden Fresh PizzaBy Veggie Fest TeamA display of garden vegetables lends appeal to this colorful pizza. For a gluten-free version, look for a prepared crust in the freezer section of larger grocery stores.
Gingery Tofu with Bell PeppersBy Veggie Fest TeamThis versatile, savory dish can be served over rice or as a wrap in flatbread. Easy to make, it is sure to become a family favorite.
Hibiscus Flower Tamales with Red Chili SauceBy Veggie Fest TeamVioleta Patiño prepared these vegan Hibiscus Flower Tamales at our January 19th, 2019 Spanish-language cooking class at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois. Enjoy this moist tamale recipe with hints of sunshine.
Indian Pea CutletsBy Veggie Fest TeamWe offer our Westernized version of this delicious Indian classic.
Lentil LoafBy Veggie Fest TeamRay Glend prepared this Lentil Loaf at our November 10th, 2018 Holiday Entrées cooking class, held at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois.
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