Eat Green, Get Lean! Chicago-area Doctor, Kunwarjit Duggal M.D., Making a Big Splash at Veggie Fest

We look forward to so many things at Veggie Fest, from good food, great music, and cooking demos, to celebrating summer with our Chicagoland community! RIGHT NOW, however, what we’re really stoked about, is hosting Chicago-area doctor, Kunwarjit Duggal, M.D. An influencer in the Chicago medical scene, he is an advocate for meditation and a plant-based diet for healthy living.

Scheduled to speak in the Main Tent on Sunday, August 11 at 4PM, you don’t want to miss his talk, “Eat Green, Get Lean.”

If you want to hear more about Dr. Duggal’s message, check out his recent interview in the July issue of Natural Awakening magazine. His approach to health and medicine is filled with compassion and common sense:
“Food can become medicine. What we’re seeing in the research, overwhelmingly, is that when people go on a plant-based diet—with whole grains and vegetables (not processed and packaged!)—many of these chronic illnesses begin to peel away. They begin to live disease-free and enjoy renewed health and vitality.”

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Dr. Duggal to hear more about his thoughts on health and wellness. In a world that is hooked on fast-food and pills, his message about taking back our health by moving more and eating a whole food, plant-based diet really resonated with us. He also spoke about his own practice and what gives him joy. Being a board-certified specialist in the field of Physical Medicine as well as a Rehabilitation Specialist, we asked if he would share an inspirational moment in his career. This is what he had to say:
“For me it’s watching the reunion of patients with their families, patients who have gone through a successful rehabilitation and are then able to return home. My patients may be going through rehabilitation from 2 weeks to 2 months so that they can get back to a level of independence and return home to live with their loved ones. When we see patients who come to us, who can’t get out of bed to walk, etc., and to see them regain their independence, that joy is amazing.
We have so many patients who come back to see us after they’ve reunited with their families to thank our entire staff for the help they received. It’s so gratifying to watch someone get back to what they want to do. Those reunions are always very special moments.”

His patient-centered focus and his take-back-your-health message couldn’t be more timely! As a yearly speaker at the festival, we asked Dr. Duggal what he loved about Veggie Fest:
It is, by far, my favorite festival, ever! It has the most diverse group of people who all have one common thing they are looking for, and that’s happiness. I’ve seen more smiles at Veggie Fest than anywhere else.

We’re pretty sure that Veggie Fest is already on your Summer 2019 Bucket List, but if you haven’t already, put another line on your checklist for this talk by Chicago doctor, Kunwarjit Duggal M.D.!

In the meantime, we’ve harvested the fruits, grains, and vegetables and in just a few weeks we’ll tie on our aprons and get to cooking some amazing food just for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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