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LODAAT HEALTH is a wellness clinic devoted to CAM (Complimentary Altnernative Medical) Therapies.  We are committed to helping our patients live a fuller, more dynamic lifestyle. 

Wheaton Cosmetic Dentistry

Show off your pearly whites with the help of Wheaton Cosmetic Dentistry. We are out to change the lack of enthusiasm that comes with mental and dental appointments. Our dental clinic wants you to have a salon- or spa-like experience with each visit. Customers come for services because we have an outstanding reputation and our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our patient-centered service combined with the warm and caring personality of our staff will make you come back for our services.

Chiro One

The Chiro One Wellness Center healthcare clinics comprise the world's leading chiropractic provider group. Rooted in the standards, processes and procedures created in 1992 in the thriving practice of our founder and CEO, Dr. Stuart Bernsen, Chiro One Wellness Centers' sole purpose is to educate our patients to lead extraordinary lives of health and wellness. Clinics are conveniently located throughout the entire Chicagoland area, offering affordable chiropractic care to all who seek it. At the organization’s clinics, Chiro One shares how an optimally functioning spine and nervous system can allow everyone to experience incredible health.

Aranya Boutique

At Aranya Boutique, you can shop for the most comfortable, unique and luxurious Yoga/Lounging Pants. Our pants are custom designed and embroidered to add to your wardrobe a versatile piece of clothing that is as unique as you are!

Delos Therapy

Delos Therapy, a Chicago Pain Management center, is changing the face of pain management. By focusing on micro-stretching and relieving muscular congestion, our therapists can alleviate pain that drugs, surgery or classic physical therapy couldn’t fix.  

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