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Health & Beauty connection LLC

HnB stands for Health & Beauty, and our mission is to provide new and innovative products with products such as vibration therapy machines and exclusive showroom discounts.

 The theory behind vibration exercise equipment was developed for the Russian space program in 1960s because the cosmonauts needed to exercise while in zero gravity space. 

 You merely step onto the platform, you can stand, sit, lie down, or even focus the platform on specific body parts. The platform creates a vibration, which is sent through the body. In reflex the muscles contract.  This strengthens and tones without effort on the person’s part. since the vibrations get sent through the entire body, all the muscle groups are affected.

Yoga By Degrees

Yoga is a practice for everyone because it meets you exactly where you are in the present moment. From beginner students to advanced yogis and everything in between, Yoga by Degrees welcomes everybody. There is a place for everyone inside our studio and it is our goal to make each and every student feel at home. We, at Yoga by Degrees, strive to create a space that provides modern comfort for an ancient practice. As both a yoga studio and a community, we honor the tradition of the practice while respecting the diversity and individual beliefs of our students.

At Yoga by Degrees we aim to please. We’ve got the look of a top-notch spa, but the authenticity and feel of a blissful yoga haven. Here, you can satisfy both body and mind with a workout that tones and strengthens both.

Natural Needs Products, LLC

Natural Needs Products, LLC is a company based in Indianapolis, IN. We acquire natural products from their sources throughout the world. Natural Needs Products has discovered through research the best natural ways to maintain your body's health. Though some of our products have been used for centuries, many people are unaware of their existence due to very limited exposure to natural health remedies. We strive to get our products in the most natural way as possible. The staff at Natural Needs Products have come to know the benefits of using natural products after years of personal use and are equally confident our products will yield effective results for you as well. The benefits gained from the use of Natural Needs Products will have you convinced that Natural Is Always Sufficient.

Holistic Healing

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